Celebrating Creativity

Free and open to the public, SoGalKC is proud to celebrate our local KC creatives (as well as those from abroad) through a variety of rotating art exhibits. Grab a drink, bring a friend, and enjoy our space!

Current Exhibit

Geometric Mutations

Trey Morgan is a multi-disciplined visual artist. He works across a variety of mediums from mixed media to printmaking to animation. He received both his BFA and MFA from Fort Hays State University. He grew up on the family farm with space to roam and interact with nature freely, but also adept at using technology and embracing the ever changing digital realm that has become intertwined with daily life.

“Geometric Mutations” is an ongoing collection of work generated through a combination of contrasting visions. Exploring the intersection of the digital and natural world, these works are the result of a constant drive to experiment with new methods and materials. Digital processes include integrating the use of 3D software to extrude and deform imagery to incorporating CNC machines and laser cutters for mark making. Contrasting these digital and mechanical methods are traditional drawing, painting, printmaking techniques. Subject matter and methodology intertwine through this process of mutation, a kind of evolution that becomes a contrary amalgamation of the natural and mechanical, artificial and organic.

Previous Exhibit

What Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is not black. It is a huge clear multifaceted crystal hanging high in the center of a packed full arena. All can see it. All agree it is there. But when the vision clearing light strikes the crystal it bursts into a million different hues and everyone looking sees something different. We can only see from where we sit. Our perspective, narrow and limited. And our interpretation filtered by our life experiences. Just because we see something doesn’t mean we can see it.