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Will it? Has it ever? Did it save the Sumerians, the Greeks, the Egyptians, Etruscans, Romans, Celts, Rapa Nui, Incans, Taíno? Did it? Well…actually, yes. Yes, it did. If not for the remnants of creative expression from the people of those times and places what would we ever know of them? Humanity is preserved in the images and words of the people living through the tumultuous and mysterious every day of every settlement and civilization that ever was. Do you think humanity was just invented? Is it a 20th-century concept? Did Jung conceive it when contemplating his archetypes? No. Humanity is that which is created during the trials and tribulations of living that which we call a life. And the greatest expression of that creativity is that which we call art.

But save humanity?

Yes. Art is more than a picture, or a poem, or a wonderfully carved goddess of fertility. Art is an attitude. It’s creating from necessity – the need to express emotion, the need to eat, to shelter, to build, to defend, to survive. Art is grasping at the meaning of failing economies, finding ways to improve your daily being within utter poverty, capturing the communal thoughts of those around you and images of the reality we so take for granted. These are the building blocks of humanity. These are the things we learn from the art past and teach through the art future. There is no greater common thread weaving through the generations of humankind than that of art. And it is not for us to measure. We must create, and create, and create. Let those to come to determine our worth – our humanity. Art is the conversation and humanity, every single aspect of it, is the topic.

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